Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

• Logistic cost would be applied in case of cancellation of the articles at the time of pickup/drop rs 200. After successful generated your order this amount will be included in final bill.

• If the customer is not found at the delivery place at the time of delivery then it would attract a charge of rs.200 for getting the articles re-delivered.

• Shoeclinic tries cleaning the articles in the best possible manner, however does not take responsibility if the articles does not get cleaned even after doing the complete treatment due to the property of leather and stain removal may cause damage to some items and we do not guarantee complete removal of stains.

• In case of recoloring, we can’t guarantee a 100% match with the original color. There may be variation on final outcome and full payment will be charged to the customer.

• Scars or other such marks, which were covered over, that may be revealed during some process.

• Shoeclinic cannot be held responsible for anything left in pocket or in any part of an item that is given to us for repair or cleaning.

• In case of net replacement or patchwork, closest possible patch or net is being placed after confirmation from customer. It’s not possible to find the exact matching net or a patch.

• If no intimation is received from the customer within 30 days, shoeclinic will have full rights to deal with the article at its sole discretion to recover the charges for the services availed by the customer.

• Shoeclinic shall not be held responsible for the damages and losses caused by burglary, house breaking, larceny or fire.

• However, any loss due to mishandling or negligence on account of shoeclinic. Shall be compensated by shoeclinic. Such compensation shall be up to a maximum of 3 times the value spend by the customer on that article.

• Service warranty provide by us 60 days from the date of delivery according to the job.

• Under the jurisdiction of Delhi High Courts.

• I have read the general terms & conditions printed overleaf & the process T&C. I hereby authorize shoeclinic to proceed with the job.